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First Nations Presence in Fredericton to Protect Everybody’s Water and Land

Wednesday, 30 October, 2013.

First Nations Teepees and Long House near the Provincial Legislature Buildings.

New Brunswick‘s First Nations People want you to know they’re not here to protest or cause any trouble. They’re here because they’re committed to protecting Mother Earth and everybody’s drinking water. Fracking hurts everybody.

We saw them carry their sacred fire across the walking bridge, we saw them set up their traditional long house near the New Brunswick Provincial Legislature building. But we haven’t seen much of them in the nightly news since.

The people who believe they’ve been told they represent us and have the power to make decisions for us want the First Nations to go away and let them rape the province for fun and profit.

Nobody in power wants to remember that the current Conservative Provincial Government was elected because the previous government did not comply with New Brunswick’s citizens wishes.

Mother Earth is not happy.

Believe me, you do not want to be an enemy of Mother Earth.

& According to Pastor Lindsey Williams in his book “The Energy Non-Crisis“, Oil companies are pumping enough natural gas back into the ground in Alaska to ‘Light up the whole East Coast of the USA Free for the next 3 years‘. Why? Because they want to keep the price of oil and gas way above what it should be. Go watch the Movies “Gasland” and “Gasland II”. Don’t wait until your kitchen sink bursts into flame to realize we’re being sold a line of…. [doo doo] by greedy men who would be really happy if they could kill most of us off so they’d be better able to enslave the survivors. (Oops, sorry, I went political on you.)

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An “American” Perspective on Canada’s Current Senate Scandal.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013. 2.5°C / 37°F @ 10:15 pm in the Ithaca, NY area.

I’ve been paying attention to Canadian News lately. (Almost every Canadian I’ve ever met has been warm and friendly and usually much more reasonable than most of my own fellow citizens of the country I was born in. …And I live in a mostly warm and friendly area. Maybe this has something to do with the first Canadians I met, a pair of good looking young women who were bicycling through New York State on their way to the Detroit area where one of them had a medical appointment and they were then planning to bicycle back across the bridge and journey home to the Toronto area. I was newly wed and happily so and maybe the wedding ring made them feel relaxed or something, but they told me stuff like they believed they got a lot of very good new Canadians during the Viet Nam crisis when intelligent men and women of conscience thought it would be better to renounce their US Citizenship and move North. I have one good friend who fell in love with a Canadian at the onset of the twenty-first century and moved north out of love, not necessarily because he believed the US of A was losing its moral and ethical roots.)

I was able to tune in to CBC radio today and heard that 98% of the people who responded to an instant poll thought their Prime Minister was responsible for their current Senate crisis.

[ a little background, as I understand it (Or don’t?) ] :

—Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper campaigned (as a Conservative) promising (among other things) to change the way the Canadian Senators are appointed. Up there, the appointments are political and (I think) for life.

—Many Canadian Conservatives would like to see the Canadian Senate abolished. ((Canadian Conservatives have caught the US condition of believing that their tax dollars should pay for nothing but national defense. Not everybody up there believes that free health care for all Canadians is a good idea. Greed is not exclusive to the US of A. I talked to one guy who said, “The Canadian Government was taken over by Communists when Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister,” and this guy actually believes that. [ Yes, most Canadians are polite and nice and warm and friendly, but that doesn’t mean all of them are intelligent and un-gullible enough to be immune to evil Conservative b.s./propaganda. ] ))

—Somebody once tried to explain Canadian Income Tax to me. Their formulas are so weird and incomprehensible that it looks like, if you’re married, both spouses are required to pay each other’s taxes. So that’s either 200% of what they’re ‘liable for’ or maybe even worse. I may be wrong, but that’s the way it was explained to me by friends who can be confused, but they do not lie maliciously to win an argument or anything like that. is a web site put up by Walter J. Burien, an investment counselor, who has researched public documents and come to the conclusion that virtually all US state, local, and federal governments have two sets of books and only reveal the income they derive from taxes while their other sources of income make twice as much, and their public announcements amount to fraud. He contends that most governments who are allied with the US follow the same sneaky, underhanded, fraudulent model.

—[ This is probably way too much background. I didn’t intend to veer off like this.]

Okay, so it looks to me like the current Canadian Prime Minister appointed the three (Conservative) Senators to support his philosophy and vote the way he told them to vote. Everything I hear about this guy (Stephen Harper) convinces me that he is a micro-managing control freak. His body language and facial expressions tell me that he is one of those controlling type individuals who believe they can convince anybody that their point of view is the only correct point of view, and the way they do their convincing is through sheer force with loads of threatening political clout and the will to plot and lie and pull strings to ruin anybody who gets in his way or contradicts his agenda.

One Senator said that he continually made sure that all his expenses were legitimate, that all his i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed. When he (Senator Duffy) was accused of falsely claiming his vacation cottage as his actual residence, Duffy claims, he went to the Prime Minister and was assured that he was okay and what he was doing was honest and above board.

There are lots of checks and balances up there, just like down here. You can’t plant a tree in your suburban back yard and claim to be a tree farmer and get loads of government hand outs any more. Bean counters go over everything submitted before they okay the expenses or write a check. (oh, and they spell their checks “cheque” )

So either somebody leaked an accusation; or the wrong investigative reporter asked the wrong question and got an answer that the Prime Minister would not approve of. The news story hit the public consciousness, accusing Senator Duffy of living in one province while pretending to live in another and receiving expense reimbursements for travel to and from his Senatorial duties under fraudulent circumstances.

Senator Duffy told us all recently that he was then given scripts to memorize and recite to the press and cameras explaining everything that has since hit the fan. Senator Duffy claims he has the email paper trail to prove all of what he’s been saying.

The Prime Minister, according to Senator Duffy, told Senator Duffy that he didn’t care whether the Senator had broken any rules or crossed any ethical lines, he just wanted the Senator to appear to be doing the right thing by repaying the money ($90,000.00 – Canadian) Another script was written and emailed to Senator Duffy to concoct a cover story that he was to use to explain to the press and the Canadian People that he had taken out a loan to pay back the expenses. The Prime Minister’s chief of staff, an independently wealthy sort, wrote a cheque for the $90.000.00 Canadian Dollars and covered the claim with that. This was supposed to be the end of that. (( I forgot to include above that Senator Duffy told the Prime Minister that he didn’t have the $90,000.00 Canadian Dollars and that’s when the PM’s chief of staff wrote the cheque and handed it to him. I’m not sure of the exact time line, when the cover story was scripted and emailed to Senator Duffy. But I do believe Senator Duffy is telling the truth here. )) Another cheque, this one for $13,560.00 Canadian Dollars was written by a Conservative Party Lawyer and paid to Senator Duffy’s Lawyer to cover legal costs involved in the process. { So the $90.000.00 came from a wealthy insider working for the Prime Minister’s Office and the $13,560.00 came from a bank account funded by contributors to the Conservative Party of Canada. }

When an investigative reporter discovered that the $90,000.00 did not come from a loan that Senator Duffy took out, the money was traced to the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff and the chief of staff was “Allowed to tender his resignation”. Lately we’re hearing that the Prime Minister fired his Chief of Staff. Tonight a reporter told us that the Chief of Staff told that reporter, when he resigned, that he had resigned and went to Las Vegas to decompress and leave all that nonsense behind.

The revelation that the Conservative Party’s Attorney had written the second cheque ($13,560.00) has stirred up more hornets than the original scandalous revelation that the Chief of Staff had written the first cheque for  $90,000.00.

Most Canadians appear to believe that all of the scandalous goings on were ordered by the Prime Minister and all the people he’s trying to claim are unethical and immoral were probably acting under his orders all along. The Prime Minister appears to be claiming Plausible Deniability and that’s making him look like a fool who should have been paying attention, or an evil back room manipulator whose manipulations are coming into the light, and his attempts to toss his underlings one by one to the wolves (if that’s what is going on) is backfiring. It looks like any way he looks at this, he loses.

Some conservative party faithful are still parroting the Prime Minister’s decree that Senator Duffy (and the other two who the Prime Minister is trying to have suspended without pay from their Senatorial Positions) broke the rules and should publicly apologize to the Canadian People and accept their punishment. But it appears that 98% of the Canadians who responded to tonight’s poll believe the Prime Minister is in the wrong, not the 3 Senators he’s trying to throw to the wolves. (Because of the wording of the Poll, I can’t be one thousand percent sure that this is what everyone who voted in that poll believes-)

But my two closest friends up there believe that it is the Prime Minister who has been caught in his own web of deceit and double dealing. They’re hoping this can bring down his government. (This means the Canadian People don’t trust him enough to let him go on, and would call for another election, sooner than next year, and hopefully hand the bumb his walking papers, “Bringing down his government” does not imply that they will become violent and shoot the bugger or anything violent like that. Canadians and US citizens do have several expressions that add just enough confusion between us to apply the “We are divided by a common language” clause in this and other instances.)

Um, I’m going to post this and re-read it a couple times before I decide whether to keep it forever here or not.

But I’m telling you, I hope we’re watching a conniving double dealing manipulating control freak of a Canadian Prime Minister implode before our eyes and ears right now.



Never Say….

Okay, so the road to you know where is paved with good intentions.

Yes, I really thought I could post something here, if not every day, then at least on a more regular basis.

I had to go get glasses and my VA Representative ‘strongly urged’ me to get bifocals. (Ack!) Ya think they may be trying to control me so I won’t say anything bad about them? Shrug…. could be…

And I fell into a two for one sale and bought a pair of just plain reading glasses. (too much GMO food ingredients lately?) So I need the [!@*&^^%#%$#%&^^*^(*!!!] reading glasses to do any computer work for any length of time, and that’s a pain, and if I forget I’m wearing the damned things and stand up I look around and really think I must be doing something right, because AAAAAAAAaaaa! I’m going blind… (take the glasses off silly…. no, you’re not going blind, you’re doing fine… just keep eating all that poisoned glucose/fructose stuff and all that wonderful Monsanto poison and remember, Monsanto Engineers have it in their contract that they will not allow any Genetically Modified Food in their cafeterias.) (And I thought my friend had lost it when he told me, years ago, that he developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome as soon as the GMO stuff hit the shelves, what? in the late 80’s?)


(Same guy also warned me about bifocals and “Be careful going down stairs-” & Yikes, he’s right about that, too.)

Um, yeah, and Rachel says I’m having senior moments and that scares me to death, but- I just wrote all of the above because I came here with something to say and as soon as the computer was ready, my mind went blank.

Barbara Marciniak, (Author of “Bringers of the Dawn” and a couple other Must Read Books) says that not so friendly, controlling-manipulating Extra-Terrerstrials influenced inventors to develop computers that ran on frequencies that interfered with human brain functions. I think I’m ready to believe that one, too.

So- Tune in next time, I’m going to have to start writing things down as they come to me during the day so I can remember what I wanted to rant about here…

(Grumble, grumble)