Who are the Real Terrorists?

Early Morning, September 30, 2012.

I was just talking to a Canadian friend of mine. The big news up there is Omar Khadr being returned to Canada to serve out the rest of the prison term he plea bargained for.

The party line of the ‘majority’ Conservative ‘government’ up there is “He’s a terrorist.”

A few things baffle me. A fifteen or sixteen year old Omar Khadr was in an area under attack by soldiers in what has to be described as a war zone.  Whether he had anything to do with the death of a US Army Medic, which is the charge that is most voiciferously repeated, has been called into serious question by the few ‘reasonable’ individuals who have anything to say about this case.

(Even if the kid did kill or help kill the medic, that Medic was wearing a US Army uniform, and was accompanied by other US soldiers in very similar uniforms, all of whom seemed hell bent on killing anybody who looked like an enemy or enemy sympathizer. And if you’re being shot at by machine guns and have people throwing grenades at you and who knows what else was going on, if you do anything to try to defend yourself or just keep on living- How the hell can you be prosecuted for terrorism? Can you imagine anybody from world war two being prosecuted for murder if they killed somebody in a uniform who was charging at them with a blazing gun? If a sixteen year old kid in France picked up a gun and shot blindly at charging German soldiers, I’m sure the Germans would have shot dozens of French Citizens. I Can’t imagine the US  would have prosecuted an under age German kid for killing, accidentally or not, any US, French, British, or other allied soldier in the heat of battle.)

Lately, I am much more inclined to believe that governments who try to keep their citizens off center, in a state of fear, so those citizens can be easily manipulated… are the real terrorists. They are using the fear of terrorism to remain in power and grab more power. I believe these, possibly local, politicians are a much bigger threat to my freedom and ability to peacefully enjoy my life than demonized members of demonized religions who we’re being told are hiding under our beds (now that we no longer believe there are communists hiding under our beds waiting to kill us as soon as we fall asleep- I mean, the same caliber of moron hungry for political power finds one argument no longer works, tries the same argument with a different ‘monster’ trying to steal our liberties, when those politicians are the monsters who are stealing our liberties…. subverting our rights… I mean, dammit, they have already snuck laws into place that take away a lot of the stuff that our Bill of Rights and our Constitution guaranteed US Citizens… up until recently… And now, I hear that anybody who mentions the constitution or Bill of Rights, is supposed to be considered a potential terrorist by US Police agencies.

There’s a guy on the radio talking about global tyranny, who wondered whatever happened to ‘Serve and Protect’- and how did that become ‘Law Enforcement!’ Is it no longer your local police officer’s job to protect peace loving people? Is it now those police officers’ job to control, as brutally as necessary, everybody around them?

—Gaaaaaaa! I wanna wake up in a better world, this one’s going to hell.