Never Say….

Okay, so the road to you know where is paved with good intentions.

Yes, I really thought I could post something here, if not every day, then at least on a more regular basis.

I had to go get glasses and my VA Representative ‘strongly urged’ me to get bifocals. (Ack!) Ya think they may be trying to control me so I won’t say anything bad about them? Shrug…. could be…

And I fell into a two for one sale and bought a pair of just plain reading glasses. (too much GMO food ingredients lately?) So I need the [!@*&^^%#%$#%&^^*^(*!!!] reading glasses to do any computer work for any length of time, and that’s a pain, and if I forget I’m wearing the damned things and stand up I look around and really think I must be doing something right, because AAAAAAAAaaaa! I’m going blind… (take the glasses off silly…. no, you’re not going blind, you’re doing fine… just keep eating all that poisoned glucose/fructose stuff and all that wonderful Monsanto poison and remember, Monsanto Engineers have it in their contract that they will not allow any Genetically Modified Food in their cafeterias.) (And I thought my friend had lost it when he told me, years ago, that he developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome as soon as the GMO stuff hit the shelves, what? in the late 80’s?)


(Same guy also warned me about bifocals and “Be careful going down stairs-” & Yikes, he’s right about that, too.)

Um, yeah, and Rachel says I’m having senior moments and that scares me to death, but- I just wrote all of the above because I came here with something to say and as soon as the computer was ready, my mind went blank.

Barbara Marciniak, (Author of “Bringers of the Dawn” and a couple other Must Read Books) says that not so friendly, controlling-manipulating Extra-Terrerstrials influenced inventors to develop computers that ran on frequencies that interfered with human brain functions. I think I’m ready to believe that one, too.

So- Tune in next time, I’m going to have to start writing things down as they come to me during the day so I can remember what I wanted to rant about here…

(Grumble, grumble)


Well- uhmmmm—

Wednesday, September 18, 2013.

—I’m only a little more than a week late to wish my friend a happy birthday and discover he’s moved (Not just him, his wild and crazy love of his life and their menagerie of dog and cats).

—I’m still alive and quietly taking notes on the decline and fall of the fourth reich which is what my fair country has become… Rachel is fine, happy with her marital status, doesn’t want to change her name just yet. (I don’t know whether to congratulate her for her sensibilities or chew my fingernails to the elbow worrying about me not being there to check under her bed for monsters for the rest of her life.)

—Art Bell is back on the air… Sort of… on Sirius XM radio, hosting a program 4 nights a week called “Dark Matters”.

—And John B Wells has become one of my favorite all time radio interviewers, noting that he’s gotten several comments that in places where people prided themselves on their blue skies, the skies aren’t really all that blue any more. Their skies have gone kind of a metallic grey-blue. Some of these people are concerned that this is the effect of ‘chem trails’. I would encourage you to look up ‘chem trails’ in your favourite search engine.

—My Favourite search engine has become =

—So let’s see if the events in my real life have calmed down to the point where I can actually keep posting here on a more regular basis- Sheesh- it’s been nine months, hasn’t it?

—And the world is still turning (I think….)

—And my sensitive Canadian friend, Cathi, whose New Years psychic predictions are becoming eerily accurate, predicted last December that scandals would bring down the Harper Government and that Stephen Harper would try to “Prororgue” Parliament again and not get away with it this time. Well- he dd get away with it. My guess is he shouldn’t have gotten away with it- He probably blackmailed somebody into putting illegal pressure on their ‘governor general’. Again, I have no proof- that’s just the feeling I can’t shake- The guy’s a world class slime ball looking down his nose at everybody he believes are his political inferiors and the jerk thinks he’s a political deity. My deep down gut reaction? (Can’t prove this either, yet, but—) I deep down believe that this guy is a reincarnated Nazi, an upper echelon fascist militarist who murdered his family and shot himself at the end of World War II rather than admit defeat, and in this life time, no, he hasn’t learned his lesson from that lifetime, he’s determined to get it right this time. There is nothing to like about this guy at all.

—Grumble grumble grumble-