End Of Year / Beginning of Year?? Message?

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2012 The Year in Review? / 2013? What’s Ahead?

Saturday, December 29, 2012. -14°C/+7°F @ 7:35 am Just West of the Ottawa City Limits, Ontario, Canada.

-Well, Gaaaaa! It’s been quite a year. I think we survived. I don’t know whether we actually survived intact-

& Not to start out from the end and work backward, but here in this area we just got more snow in the last week than we got in the last two years.


Dark view of the snow out front at night.

(Shot the above photo via one web cam at 11:54 pm last night ((Aunt Carol’s Birthday)). I think the mountain of snow the plows left behind is probably about 4 feet high. The average depth of snow in our front yard is probably about 2 feet. Not bad for two quick storms. Maybe we should check with Dr Nick Begich (Alaskan Citizen who keeps his eyes on the HAARP Array and what it might be doing. Conspiracy buffs point to the fact that HAARP activity was tuned way up during “Super Storm Sandy” and many believe Sandy was a weaponized weather attack on one of our own cities by forces of our own government. They also believe that Hurricane Katrina was manipulated (intensified and steered toward New Orleans) by the same dark forces- either within the US Government or in control of the US Government,- a kind of shadowy force pulling strings and forcing elected officials to do their bidding or get their brains blown out, the way they dealt with John F Kennedy when he wouldn’t go along with their dictates. I should attempt to explain that if and when I ever finish this paragraph.) Anyway, if we want to believe the conspiracy folks, we should check with Dr Nick Begich to see if HAARP’s output has been directing winter storms against the Lower 48 and Canada in an attempt to paralyze any possible opposition to their shadowy agenda while congress might be sneaking some hidden clauses into pending legislation to take away US Citizen’s rights and strip away any remaining liberties we have left. If these guys are right, we’re in trouble. If not, well heck, they gave us something to worry about. You really didn’t want to sleep like a baby and connect with positive angelic forces and feel your connection with God and Everything Loving, Light and Wonderful in life, did you? ((( Well I did- How far do you think we might get if we tried to sue the government for messing with our heads to make us easier to manipulate and push around so nobody objects to their fascist tactics as they try to seize total control of your life and the lives of everyone you care about? —That’s the worst case scenario. I’m sorry, but I can neither endorse this line of reasoning, nor assure you that anybody who believes that the conspiracy folks just might have a valid point is rip roaring out of their minds. But more about that later. For now, let me quote Governor Jessie Ventura, “Conspiracy isn’t a theory, it’s a crime.” )))

So the theme for 2012 devolved into a series of shocks and while I didn’t believe I could be any more disillusioned than I already was, well, wake up, kid, this stuff really looks suspicious.

But this isn’t about conspiracies and disillusion-ments, it’s a happy end of the year message.

Well maybe just an end of the year message.

We survived. Should we feel good about that? Are we intact? Have we been backed against a wall and are the people you voted for about to pull out their weapons and butcher you for their own fun and profit? Stay tuned, folks, we hear that 2013 is supposed to be worse than 2012.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Yule- Happy Saturnalia, Happy whatever you feel like celebrating.

I’ll Probably have to save this as is and come back later, I’m aching all over and didn’t want to load this message with a lot of negative energy.

(( To misquote somebody, “Nothing in this message is True, But this is the way “It Is”.” ))

Be of Good Cheer, Pilgrim-


And Now – Facebook Brings You – A Few Words Approved By Big Brother

So, the latest news from the world of facebook is:

In the last 24 hours, according to Mike Adams of http://www.naturalnews.com, facebook has shut down sites and cancelled accounts that mention philosophies or news that are not quite politikally korrect in the eyes of high authoritarians in the US Government. Mike’s site was shut down because he quoted Mahatma Gandhi saying that one of Great Britain’s biggest crimes was totally disarming the people of India. (I need to find the quote and the context, but I think this referred to Great Britain passing a law that made it illegal for anyone in India to own firearms.)

Mike says that US government officials have poisoned their civilian citizen’s minds and bodies with chemicals such as flouride (which, bears the skull and crossed bones symbol and, “if anyone was caught dumping this chemical into a reservoir, that person would be charged with terrorism”- Flouride was used by Nazis in world war two to pacify potentially rebellious populations). He believes that the combination of flouride and other drugs, Genetically Modified Food, plus television and government controlled news brainwashes almost everybody and creates an atmosphere in which that government, for nefarious purposes, has complete mind control over most of its citizens.

Remember, I’m not here to do your thinking for you. You go check it out, make up your own mind, and if you come to a different conclusion, let me know about it.

Thank You-

— — — djo