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Tuesday, 23 September, 2014  -( 43˚F /6˚C –  & looks like a good day @ 8:30 am in Ithaca )-

{ We’ve been doing this because we believe the CBC may be more honest and more respectable than Media in the U.S.A., & not a lot of people in the U.S. may know that or have access to anyone who might point them toward the CBC & their web site. }

{ & again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories, listen to sound clips, or see any video -if there is any video- go to CBC dot CA/news.— & You can also find a link to the web cast of the most recent broadcast of “The National” the CBC’s ‘flagship nightly newscast’ under the “Must Watch” heading on their main page. — Thanks. ———djo——— }


Brian Gallant in front of "Liberal" red background.
‘Liberal Leader Brian Gallant appears to have won the New Brunswick election amid a vote-counting “fiasco”-‘

 Discrepencies between tabulator machine-counted votes and manually entered vote tallies caused Elections New Brunswick to bring everything to a halt for a couple hours while they re-entered the votes from electronic chips from the vote counting gizmoes. The Progressive Conservatives and the People’s Alliance Party may want a recount of the physical paper ballots.  —djo—


Lead Articles:

-Updated- Brian Gallant’s Liberals elected amidvote-counting ‘fiasco’   {   }

-Coming up Live- N.B. Liberals prepare for transition after election marred by vote-count fiasco   {  }

U.S. and 5 Arab countries bomb ISIS targets inside Syria   {  }

Ebola cases could skyrocket to 21,000 in next 6 weeks: WHO    {  }

Netflix refuses CRTC demand to hand over suscriber data   { CRTC = The Canadian version of the FCC. Netflix says it will not violate the confidentiality of its customers and so far is not bound by the same rules as a broadcast or cable television company. }

Aboriginal throat singer Tanya Tagaq wins Polaris prize   {  }

-New- Israeli PM says shooting down Surian fighter jet doesn’t mean war is widening   {  }

-Live- UN Climate Summit: 4 things to know about the talks   {  }

Do the math: How parents can fight the fear of arithmatic   {  }



Mushroom in the woods
” A typical porcini (Boletus edulis var. clavipes) is shown in its natural habitat in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. (Brent Dentinger/Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew) “


3 new mushroom species discovered in London grocery store   { It took me several minutes of reading and re-reading to guess that this was a grocery store in London, Ontario, Canada. -Not London, England- Photography credits to ‘Royal Botanical Gardens’ were no help, the caption to a photo showing: “A typical porcini (Boletus edulis var. clavipes) is shown in its natural habitat in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario.” – was a bright moment – —djo— }

City marks 200th birthday with a 61-metre bratwurst   { Gotta be Germany, right? Wrong! – It was Belleville, Illinois, USA  —djo— }

Reporter quits live on-air in support of marijuana legalization   { Charlo Greene quit her job in Anchorage, Alaska where she was a reporter for KTVA television. ‘-What many viewers didn’t realize prior to her hasty departure from the station, however, is that she is also the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club — a medical marijuana collective that connects “patients in need to Alaskan cardholders with green.”-‘  —djo— }

Bald eagle rescue 101: how to hitch a ride on a fishing boat   { In the “Most Viewed” area the link to this article bears the headline: “Bald eagle rescue by fisherman posted on YouTube”  * And I’m really impressed with today’s ‘Offbeat’ news after several days of boring repeats- —djo— }



“Most Viewed”

New Brunswick election 2014 results: Brian Gallant’s Liberals set for transition after win   {  }

Tim Hortons, Burger King merger fallout: US cracks down on tax inversions   {  }

How Alexander Sodiqov was freed following espionage charges   {  }

Benjamin Netanyahu cautions about interpreting Syrian fighter jet shooting   { & two links down: “Golan Heights: Israel military shoots down Syrian fighter jet” }

Raymond Lee Caissie. 43, charged with murder of Serena Vermeersch   {  }

-Repeat- -17 photo slide show- People’s Climate Marches around the world   { No- the climate doesn’t march around the world- even if it really does – this article is about the numerous marches held around the world to let banksters and other string pulling manipulators know that a lot of people are not happy with elitists poisoning their food, poisoning their water and decimating their forests   —djo— }

-Blog- Emma Watson’s U.N. speech on gender equality prompts debate over feminism, Beyoncé   {  }




-New- How a PhD student was able to return to Canada after arrest on espionage charges   { * * They’re repeating article headlines in various spots around their page here with a slight change in wording- everybody must have been up all night waiting for the New Brunswick election returns.   —djo— }

-Updated- Barack Obama to address expanded airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria   {  }

Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq takes top honours at Polaris Music Prize   { * & I haven’t mentioned lately that Canadians wonder what we do with all out ‘U’s in the ‘lower 48’- I told them U.S. citizens use them all up chanting “USA Number One!” and never stop to count all the negative number ones they qualify for, number one in the most citizens in prison for b.s. charges- #1 in testosterone-poisoned culture-  -don’t get me started- —djo— }

Canadian arrested at JFK airport after 15 kg of marijuana found in checked bag  { I think they also said she had handguns and ammunition in her luggage or on her. If this happened on a domestic flight inside of Canada, my friends up there tell me, there would be a very good chance that a person with a gun, especially a realistic looking toy gun, or a phoney grenade, and maybe a package of loose tea suspiciously packaged – might actually be an inspector testing the security screening of any airline anywhere inside the country.  —djo— }

Vancouver Aquarium uses drone to track killer whales   { *** They’re ‘Orcas’ not killer whales- —djo— }

High-risk sex offender charged with murder of B.C. teen   { * And Fear-mongering headlines are still in style, even in relatively intelligent media?  —djo— }

Canadian wireless costs still among highest in world   { This is only a symptom of a much larger problem. * Okay, everybody go to Coast to Coast am, click on ‘become a member’ and listen to last night’s (September 22, 2014) 3 hour interview with Former Canadian Minister of National Defence Paul Hellyer. He will tell you, with authority, that an elitist cabal of greedy bankers have been trying to run the world from behind the scenes since the end of World War II -possibly longer- and part of their agenda has been to cut buying power, disempower the middle class, make everybody believe that trade unions are full of criminals and communists – And the elitist cabal members might even be plotting to kill off millions or billions of us if they can get away with it, to make the survivors more manageable – They believe in running the world on the model of The Bank Of England – Lending twenty times the amount of money they have actual assets for and enslaving by means of debt – countless billions on the planet – until after the revolution when they’re all wearing orange jump suits and working on chain gangs to make up for their crimes against humanity. If you tried to get away with what banks do all the time, you’d be heading to prison for a very long time, but they blackmailed most of the governments in what we used to think of as ‘the free world’ into granting them charters/licenses to get away with fraud and maybe worse.  —djo— }

-Storify- Calgary MP responds to ISIS threat with ‘secure bedroom selfie’   { She just might be the blond who stands behind Stephen Harper in most shots from ‘Question Time’ –  trying to look disgusted at what we’re supposed to interpret as ‘inane comments’ from anybody but a Conservative Party of Canada member.  [—gag—]   —djo— }

Ebola cases could quadruple in the next 6 weeks, WHO warns, but not all experts agree   {  }

Israel says it’s killed 2 Hamas suspects that helped spark weeks of fighting   {  }

Driver fined $162 after stopping police for illegal left turn   { “Duh- we only enforce the laws, we don’t have to abide by them-” ?   —djo— }

3 missing Afghan Army oficers in custoday at Canada-US border   {  }

-Must Watch- Toothpaste portrait of Robin Williams   {  Everything is beginning to sound like offbeat news – well, almost everything  —djo— }

-Must Watch- Elephant baby’s public debut   { If I’d gone to sleep last night instead of working all night, I’d swear I woke up in a parallel universe – but this one is more fun than the one I woke up in yesterday- —djo— }

-Editor’s Pick- Mission to Mars   { Did we move into a much more positive area of the material universe? Somebody go check Starfire Tor’s website, facebook page or whatever to see if she has a clue- Or am I just over tired and in that wonderful zone where everything almost makes sense and people almost seem a magnitude warmer and friendlier than they did a couple hours ago?  —djo— }

-Editor’s Pick- The story behind Liberal leader’s abortion strategy   { “The Liberals hope the policy distances them from socially conservative ex-MPs” & there’s a thumbnail photo of Justin Trudeau that makes him look like he’s full of himself – which he could be- but we need really impartial coverage here, guys. —djo— }



“Local / New Brunswick”

– A lot of the above election coverage is repeated under ‘New Brunswick’-

David Coon makes history with seat for Green Party   { David Coon won a seat to the provincial legislature from Fredericton South – Becoming the second green party candidate to win a seat in any provincial legislature. The Green Party received 6.6% of yesterday’s vote. —djo— }

Liberal wave ousts 9 cabinet ministers   { *** On the provincial level, a lot of the sitting premier’s top officials were sent packing- premier David Alward put a lot of stress on shale gas development, claiming ‘energy jobs’ could save the economy and keep New Brunswickers from seeking jobs out west.  Green Party Leader David Coon said something like “It’s not just the fracking issue- it’s the PC party’s record.” The PC candidates may have gotten a bit of a boost when “Say Yes” buttons began appearing on their road side posters and David Alward’s smug Conservative expression sneered out at everyone in television spots that felt like ‘say yes to jobs, say yes to fracking, say yes to four more years of conservative majority rule-‘ But what might have been one of the most telling arguments against the conservatives’ return to mandate level power was the number of jobs that disappeared while they were promising prosperity through fracking and they probably cut thier own throats with ‘pension reform’- Or did they actually believe that all the provincial government job retirees they had just screwed out of large chunks of earned pension money were going to smile and vote them back into power for another round of such tomfoolery?  —————Jim W }

New Brunswick election may see manual recount amid vote-machine glitches   {  }

Grand Manan fatal plane crash GPS fails to offer clues   { An air ambulance returning home after delivering a patient somewhere crashed and killed the philanthropic pilot and a much loved and respected EMT on Grand Manan Island last month-  —djo— }

N.B. election sees 8 female MLAs elected in 49 ridings   {  }

Minto voters say jobs are a top election concern   { *** But Minto is one of the places where the “Jobs” mongering PC received only 26 more votes than the non jobs mongering 2nd place People’s Alliance candidate who will almost certainly ask for, and get a recount. —————Jim W }




-Opinion- Canada’s lack of leadership on climate issues alarming   { * Let me butt in and say that when a politician speaks about ‘leadership’ they mean, ‘I get up and dictate and you do what I say – and like it!’ – not the kind of leadership where somebody stands up and acts out of conscience because they know in their heart and mind that that’s the right thing to do. Real leaders walk a difficult path and do not demand that anybody follow their example, but they are happily surprised when others try to live up to higher standards. —djo— }

-Don’t Miss- Manitoba judges reserve decision in Brian Sinclair appeal   { Brian Sinclair was a double amputee who died of a treatable bladder infection while he was waiting for 34 hours in a Winnipeg emergency room. His family filed a lawsuit against a health authority- claiming his charter rights were violated when he died in that hospital waiting room in 2008. – A lower court struck the lawsuit down, saying Brian Sinclair’s charter rights died with him. – But the family lawyer said it’s absurd that a man who died because he didn’t receive the care due him under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms isn’t allowed to sue because he’s dead.  The three judges hearing this appeal are thinking about it.  —djo— }

Pennsylvania teacher suspended over ‘Redskins’ newspaper flap   {  “Redskins” is the nickname of Neshaminy’s sports teams. Newspaper staff at the Bensalem school in Pennsylvania decided last year they would no longer use the term, which they say is offensive. – The faculty adviser for the student newspaper embroiled in a battle over the word “Redskins” has been suspended for two days without pay. –  The Philadelphia Inquirer reports Neshaminy High School teacher Tara Huber was disciplined for “willful neglect of duty and insubordination.” –  The suspension came three months after students published the June edition, in which they disobeyed an order by administrators to print an op-ed containing the word “Redskin.” The newspaper is also having $1,200 docked from its funds.  —djo— }

-Don’t Miss- Bridge Builders: Lucy Fowler combat Metis stereotypes   { Metis have battled for- and recently been awarded the same rights and considerations of other First Nations Tribes. Their origins are usually believed to be a combination of original French settlers and various First Nations Tribes. —djo— }

Councillor urges Winnipeg to back inquiry into murdered, missing women   {  }

Attawapiskatt Chief Theresa Spence may face motion of non-confidence   {  }

Judge orders election translation for Alaskan aboriginals   { *This is in Alaska – A federal judge ordered the state to take additional steps to provide voting materials to Alaska’s aboriginal voters with limited English ahead of the upcoming state election. – “Buttons for poll workers will say ‘Can I help?’ translated into Yup’ik or Gwich’in.”  —djo— }



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PayPal Just cost me $60.00 in bogus fees and there is no way to complain to them about that.

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014.

My friends in Canada are celebrating their National Holiday. (Canada Day)

& PayPal just cost me sixty bucks in fees and charges in a bank account I deleted from my account there (PayPal Account) and there is no way to send them feedback to complain about that.


I had a computer die on me after a blackout must have hit at the worst possible moment.

While trying to decide whether to replace the dead computer or chuck it, maybe drop it from a nice tall building and record the crash for YouTube, I checked through ebay and found something at a really good price that would fill my needs.

I got all the way through the payment process when PayPal refused to accept my password.

I had a hell of a time changing my password. But it finally took.

Then pay pal wanted to use a bank account I haven’t used in a couple years.

I went into my settings and preferences in the pay pal account and deleted that bank information.

PayPal told me that information was deleted, gone, no good any more.

I entered new bank information. New bank account, new debit card, new credit card.

PayPal told me I had successfully updated my information.

I clicked on the account I wanted to use, I clicked on “pay this bill”

The page refreshed and told me payment had gone through and it told me it had gone through from the bank account it had just assured me it had deleted.

I tried to send feedback.

I got a message from PayPal saying it couldn’t respond to my feedback, I had to go to some weird form on their website that I could not get to from here.

I sent a message to the guy I bought the replacement computer from, explained what was happening and asked him to let me know if the payment was refused or anything like that.

He responded with positive ebay feedback thanking me for quick payment and I got a notification that the computer was on its way. It was supposed to take one to seven work days to get here.

The computer got here in two days. I went to ebay and gave the guy who sold me the computer five stars and checked all my bank accounts and couldn’t find any record of any transactions or aborted transactions or bounce fees or anything.

Eight days later I got email from paypal explaining that my payment had not gone through.

I found a phone number and called it. Spent maybe five minutes listening to Musack. The human being who answered my call knew who I was and what phone I was calling from when she connected on her end, she asked me to confirm that I was me and wanted to know why I called. I told her I was looking at an email message that said the payment had not gone through. I told her I had gotten a message saying that the payment had gone through from the account I had deleted and got confirmation that it was deleted and tried to contact them back then.

She said, “Okay, the payment had gone through on the new credit card I had entered after deleting the old account. Everything was fine.”

Yesterday (Now we are 4 days past the conversation I had with the human being connected to PayPal) I got a message in email asking me to take a very short survey and tell them how my telephone conversation had gone.

I checked my bank accounts. I found that they had tried to put the payment through on the deleted account twice and the old bank that I keep like fifty dollars in had bounced the payment twice, charged $20 dollars the first time and $40 the second time.

I was not happy,

I went to my email message and clicked on the link to take their survey.

A web page popped up with the message, “We’re sorry, the survey you are trying to access is no longer available.”

I went crazy again, clicking on every ‘Contact Us’ link on PayPal and all those links connect to is Frequently Asked Question bull shit. I could find no way to leave them a nasty message telling them their mistakes have cost me sixty dollars.

So I’ll do that here.

PayPal deserves to go bankrupt in the worst possible way. Everybody who works for PayPal deserves to be publicly humiliated in the worst possible fashion.

If I believed there really was a Hell I’d want to see them all suffer there.

Pies in all their faces would not be a bad enough punishment.

I don’t believe in sending goons around to break arms and legs, but I’ll tell you- I’m starting to think that might not be that bad an idea…


I don’t know what else to say.



Wow, my Nice Friendly new friend went ballistic- Let’s see if I can copy and paste this….

First Nations Presence in Fredericton to Protect Everybody’s Water and Land

Wednesday, 30 October, 2013.

First Nations Teepees and Long House near the Provincial Legislature Buildings.

New Brunswick‘s First Nations People want you to know they’re not here to protest or cause any trouble. They’re here because they’re committed to protecting Mother Earth and everybody’s drinking water. Fracking hurts everybody.

We saw them carry their sacred fire across the walking bridge, we saw them set up their traditional long house near the New Brunswick Provincial Legislature building. But we haven’t seen much of them in the nightly news since.

The people who believe they’ve been told they represent us and have the power to make decisions for us want the First Nations to go away and let them rape the province for fun and profit.

Nobody in power wants to remember that the current Conservative Provincial Government was elected because the previous government did not comply with New Brunswick’s citizens wishes.

Mother Earth is not happy.

Believe me, you do not want to be an enemy of Mother Earth.

& According to Pastor Lindsey Williams in his book “The Energy Non-Crisis“, Oil companies are pumping enough natural gas back into the ground in Alaska to ‘Light up the whole East Coast of the USA Free for the next 3 years‘. Why? Because they want to keep the price of oil and gas way above what it should be. Go watch the Movies “Gasland” and “Gasland II”. Don’t wait until your kitchen sink bursts into flame to realize we’re being sold a line of…. [doo doo] by greedy men who would be really happy if they could kill most of us off so they’d be better able to enslave the survivors. (Oops, sorry, I went political on you.)

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Never Say….

Okay, so the road to you know where is paved with good intentions.

Yes, I really thought I could post something here, if not every day, then at least on a more regular basis.

I had to go get glasses and my VA Representative ‘strongly urged’ me to get bifocals. (Ack!) Ya think they may be trying to control me so I won’t say anything bad about them? Shrug…. could be…

And I fell into a two for one sale and bought a pair of just plain reading glasses. (too much GMO food ingredients lately?) So I need the [!@*&^^%#%$#%&^^*^(*!!!] reading glasses to do any computer work for any length of time, and that’s a pain, and if I forget I’m wearing the damned things and stand up I look around and really think I must be doing something right, because AAAAAAAAaaaa! I’m going blind… (take the glasses off silly…. no, you’re not going blind, you’re doing fine… just keep eating all that poisoned glucose/fructose stuff and all that wonderful Monsanto poison and remember, Monsanto Engineers have it in their contract that they will not allow any Genetically Modified Food in their cafeterias.) (And I thought my friend had lost it when he told me, years ago, that he developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome as soon as the GMO stuff hit the shelves, what? in the late 80’s?)


(Same guy also warned me about bifocals and “Be careful going down stairs-” & Yikes, he’s right about that, too.)

Um, yeah, and Rachel says I’m having senior moments and that scares me to death, but- I just wrote all of the above because I came here with something to say and as soon as the computer was ready, my mind went blank.

Barbara Marciniak, (Author of “Bringers of the Dawn” and a couple other Must Read Books) says that not so friendly, controlling-manipulating Extra-Terrerstrials influenced inventors to develop computers that ran on frequencies that interfered with human brain functions. I think I’m ready to believe that one, too.

So- Tune in next time, I’m going to have to start writing things down as they come to me during the day so I can remember what I wanted to rant about here…

(Grumble, grumble)


Well- uhmmmm—

Wednesday, September 18, 2013.

—I’m only a little more than a week late to wish my friend a happy birthday and discover he’s moved (Not just him, his wild and crazy love of his life and their menagerie of dog and cats).

—I’m still alive and quietly taking notes on the decline and fall of the fourth reich which is what my fair country has become… Rachel is fine, happy with her marital status, doesn’t want to change her name just yet. (I don’t know whether to congratulate her for her sensibilities or chew my fingernails to the elbow worrying about me not being there to check under her bed for monsters for the rest of her life.)

—Art Bell is back on the air… Sort of… on Sirius XM radio, hosting a program 4 nights a week called “Dark Matters”.

—And John B Wells has become one of my favorite all time radio interviewers, noting that he’s gotten several comments that in places where people prided themselves on their blue skies, the skies aren’t really all that blue any more. Their skies have gone kind of a metallic grey-blue. Some of these people are concerned that this is the effect of ‘chem trails’. I would encourage you to look up ‘chem trails’ in your favourite search engine.

—My Favourite search engine has become = startpage.com.

—So let’s see if the events in my real life have calmed down to the point where I can actually keep posting here on a more regular basis- Sheesh- it’s been nine months, hasn’t it?

—And the world is still turning (I think….)

—And my sensitive Canadian friend, Cathi, whose New Years psychic predictions are becoming eerily accurate, predicted last December that scandals would bring down the Harper Government and that Stephen Harper would try to “Prororgue” Parliament again and not get away with it this time. Well- he dd get away with it. My guess is he shouldn’t have gotten away with it- He probably blackmailed somebody into putting illegal pressure on their ‘governor general’. Again, I have no proof- that’s just the feeling I can’t shake- The guy’s a world class slime ball looking down his nose at everybody he believes are his political inferiors and the jerk thinks he’s a political deity. My deep down gut reaction? (Can’t prove this either, yet, but—) I deep down believe that this guy is a reincarnated Nazi, an upper echelon fascist militarist who murdered his family and shot himself at the end of World War II rather than admit defeat, and in this life time, no, he hasn’t learned his lesson from that lifetime, he’s determined to get it right this time. There is nothing to like about this guy at all.

—Grumble grumble grumble-


And Now – Facebook Brings You – A Few Words Approved By Big Brother

So, the latest news from the world of facebook is:

In the last 24 hours, according to Mike Adams of http://www.naturalnews.com, facebook has shut down sites and cancelled accounts that mention philosophies or news that are not quite politikally korrect in the eyes of high authoritarians in the US Government. Mike’s site was shut down because he quoted Mahatma Gandhi saying that one of Great Britain’s biggest crimes was totally disarming the people of India. (I need to find the quote and the context, but I think this referred to Great Britain passing a law that made it illegal for anyone in India to own firearms.)

Mike says that US government officials have poisoned their civilian citizen’s minds and bodies with chemicals such as flouride (which, bears the skull and crossed bones symbol and, “if anyone was caught dumping this chemical into a reservoir, that person would be charged with terrorism”- Flouride was used by Nazis in world war two to pacify potentially rebellious populations). He believes that the combination of flouride and other drugs, Genetically Modified Food, plus television and government controlled news brainwashes almost everybody and creates an atmosphere in which that government, for nefarious purposes, has complete mind control over most of its citizens.

Remember, I’m not here to do your thinking for you. You go check it out, make up your own mind, and if you come to a different conclusion, let me know about it.

Thank You-

— — — djo

The U.S. Presidency is a Bloody Joke

File Under: “Why Vote? Your vote doesn’t count for sh*t.”

File Over:  “What you see is not what you get.”; “Don’t pay any attention to that little man behind the curtain.”

File near: “Don’t vote, it only encourages them.”; “They’ve already predetermined the results anyway.”; “Conspiracy is not a theory, it’s a crime.”; “If the presidency ever did have any real power, it signed all power away and now is just a rubber stamp robot for the real power, which will remain hidden for its own safety… until its underlings get it in the back with a poisoned knife blade.”

Friday, October 5. 2012.

This has been gnawing at me since the ‘debates’ the other night.

Coupled with a clarification of what exactly UN Agenda 21 and its derivatives under more easily ‘sold’ names actually is/are.

U.S. Presidents were shown in Dallas in 1963 that they can’t try to assert themselves or attempt to further any program that isn’t pre-approved by the real powers that be without having their brains blown out by their own body guards in public.

At best, they’re pretty boy figure heads to distract the people who vote, to keep the majority of the people in this world from looking behind the curtain.

You’ve been bought and sold.

Don’t drink their poisoned water.

Don’t eat their poisoned food.

Don’t pay their fraudulent taxes.

Don’t obey their immoral, unjust and probably illegal: laws.


Who are the Real Terrorists?

Early Morning, September 30, 2012.

I was just talking to a Canadian friend of mine. The big news up there is Omar Khadr being returned to Canada to serve out the rest of the prison term he plea bargained for.

The party line of the ‘majority’ Conservative ‘government’ up there is “He’s a terrorist.”

A few things baffle me. A fifteen or sixteen year old Omar Khadr was in an area under attack by soldiers in what has to be described as a war zone.  Whether he had anything to do with the death of a US Army Medic, which is the charge that is most voiciferously repeated, has been called into serious question by the few ‘reasonable’ individuals who have anything to say about this case.

(Even if the kid did kill or help kill the medic, that Medic was wearing a US Army uniform, and was accompanied by other US soldiers in very similar uniforms, all of whom seemed hell bent on killing anybody who looked like an enemy or enemy sympathizer. And if you’re being shot at by machine guns and have people throwing grenades at you and who knows what else was going on, if you do anything to try to defend yourself or just keep on living- How the hell can you be prosecuted for terrorism? Can you imagine anybody from world war two being prosecuted for murder if they killed somebody in a uniform who was charging at them with a blazing gun? If a sixteen year old kid in France picked up a gun and shot blindly at charging German soldiers, I’m sure the Germans would have shot dozens of French Citizens. I Can’t imagine the US  would have prosecuted an under age German kid for killing, accidentally or not, any US, French, British, or other allied soldier in the heat of battle.)

Lately, I am much more inclined to believe that governments who try to keep their citizens off center, in a state of fear, so those citizens can be easily manipulated… are the real terrorists. They are using the fear of terrorism to remain in power and grab more power. I believe these, possibly local, politicians are a much bigger threat to my freedom and ability to peacefully enjoy my life than demonized members of demonized religions who we’re being told are hiding under our beds (now that we no longer believe there are communists hiding under our beds waiting to kill us as soon as we fall asleep- I mean, the same caliber of moron hungry for political power finds one argument no longer works, tries the same argument with a different ‘monster’ trying to steal our liberties, when those politicians are the monsters who are stealing our liberties…. subverting our rights… I mean, dammit, they have already snuck laws into place that take away a lot of the stuff that our Bill of Rights and our Constitution guaranteed US Citizens… up until recently… And now, I hear that anybody who mentions the constitution or Bill of Rights, is supposed to be considered a potential terrorist by US Police agencies.

There’s a guy on the radio talking about global tyranny, who wondered whatever happened to ‘Serve and Protect’- and how did that become ‘Law Enforcement!’ Is it no longer your local police officer’s job to protect peace loving people? Is it now those police officers’ job to control, as brutally as necessary, everybody around them?

—Gaaaaaaa! I wanna wake up in a better world, this one’s going to hell.


Are We Being Manipulated?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012. Dark  & Damp @ 4:42 am near Ithaca, NY.

Yesterday or the day before, “Aerendel” (Jim) posted this in the Arnprior News:



Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild Quote:
 “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, …
The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”




And now it’s my turn:



When the U.S.A. was in its experimental infancy, we were a sovereign people. We owned ourselves, we owned our property. We were not part of a monarchy, where the “sovereign ruler” owns it all and views the rest of us as if we were leaches or slaves.

Somewhere along the way, the people who were voted into office sold us out to the money interests who want to rule the world and view the rest of us as “the great unwashed” and/or leaches who should be their slaves.

I heard somebody on the radio last night blame Franklin D Roosevelt for instituting laws that stole our sovereignty from us. (this doesn’t make sense to me, but I’ll throw it out to you.)

People in the USA are being told that they cannot cash in their bank CD accounts because the Homeland Security Laws won’t allow it. ((Banks are supposed to report any transaction over $10,000?)) (((which doesn’t make it illegal to cash in a CD, but many banks won’t even go there. If they think they can get away with something, they will use anything they can as an excuse.))) ((((John B Wells on Coast to Coast AM has reported that anybody who indicates that they want to use cash instead of ‘electronic money’/electronic transactions is to be viewed as a potential terrorist [this is supposedly a policy being put in place by Homeland Security] {{{{{ Feel free to comment if you know something I don’t }}}}} .

My friend Jim in Canada had his ATM card compromised once and a credit card compromised another time and was told by a suspicious waitress (who had all but accused him of trying to rip her off when the ATM card was declined) “I won’t use them- I only use cash.” This seems to me to be a good reason not to want to use plastic money. He was lucky. Somebody tried to use his credit card number to buy $220.00 worth of stuff in Italy and his bank caught that and didn’t charge him for it. I’ve heard of other credit card companies/banks that have charged people for stuff that was charged fraudulently after their cards had been scanned/skimmed or whatever you call it.

And “if a court system insists you pay your fines in Yen, you’re in Japan. If a court insists you pay a fine in rubles, you’re in Russia. Where are you if the courts insist you pay a fine in Federal Reserve Notes?” Federal Reservia?

When the U.S.A. was an infant. Laws were in place that limited the power of corporations. Corporations were only granted a charter for a specific period of time and when that time was up, their assets reverted to the state and thereby the sovereign citizens of that state. Now corporations are suing sovereign nations for interfering with their ability to make a profit? Australia passed a bill standardizing cigarette packaging and tobacco companies are suing for lost profits????

Stay tuned folks…. There will be more…


All last night I was singing “Yesterday’s Rain” to myself, and wondering why. (Dwelling on the humurous pomposity of the guys singing the bass line.) I think that was a title of one of the posts I read in the last couple days.

Tonight I’m singing “The Game of Love” by Wayne Fontana and the Mind Benders? (Should I scream for help?) (grin….)


Tonight, besides singing (and hearing the music note for note in my head…) I was composing my next news story in my head. I got home, I sat down at the computer and my mind went blank.

I’ll have to finish this later, after I rest my brain and bones and find the ‘Refresh’ button.

Maybe I’ve been targeted and bombarded by microwaves and/or electronic pollution / electro-magnetic fields as part of a hideous conspiracy to scramble my brains so I can’t complain about this stuff?


[ updated @ 5:35 am Thursday Morning, August 16th. Dark and clammy near Ithaca….. ]


And Now, brought to you by those wonderful folks who…

Sunday, August 12, 2012. 8:44 pm near Lake Cayuga.

We’re watching the re-broadcast of the closing ceremonies at the Olympics in London, England.

I caught the surviving members of the Who as they closed the earlier (live) broadcast. They began with Baba O’Reilly (aka” teeange wasteland”), and got in bits from other songs (see me feel me touch me heal me, and more…). But they never got a bit of “Won’t be fooled again”. I wonder if they tried or wanted to.

There were mindless smiling expressions on ‘volunteers’ as the Who sang and played. There were other volunteers looking to me like scenes from A Clockwork Orange, Wearing Bowler Derby hats with lightbulbs lit on top of them. It gave me the creeps.

You will remember that the Britts repaid the wonderful people who defeated the Spanish Armada by locking them up below decks and starving and letting them die of thirst because they didn’t want to pay them for their service. (We know this because a couple escaped, swam ashore and slipped into the shadows and into the woods and villages in the tradition of Robin Hood and whispered their stories to friends and relatives.)

The US Revolution (circa 1776) was fought as much over the fact that the Bank of England had insisted that the colonies pay their taxes in English Bank notes as any of the more popularized sloganeered b.s. (“No Taxation Without Representation”). These Bank Notes were extremely difficult to get a hold of and insanely expensive in the future United States, effectively raising their taxes to astronomical levels. (Rumours have it that the “Give me liberty or give me death” guy has reincarnated as Ron Paul.)

England had resisted the banking system they later came to exemplify to the world until William of Orange (a Nederlander) became their King.

After the Revolution the infant United States did two things that I will pat them on the back for here- They limited the power of Corporations and they resisted the Brittish banking system. Corporations had to have a definite purpose, and were given a time limit. When their time was up their assets reverted to the people. The U.S. went on to resist the Brittish banking system until the 1930’s when we were manipulated into accepting the ‘Federal Reserve System’ which places an insane amount of power in the hands of international ‘banksters’.

There will be more on these subjects in the future. I’m sure of it.