When I was growing up “Radio Free Europe” was a big deal. The voice of Freedom was being broadcast ‘behind the iron curtain”, or so they told us.

I was five years old when John F Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas. I remember everybody sitting around, watching black and white television as a caisson rolled down the middle of the road in Washington DC with seeming millions of over dressed politicians somberly walking in straight lines and somebody leading a riderless horse in the midst of this procession.

I was taught to sneer at, make fun of, and do anything I could to attempt to humiliate anyone who ‘believed in conspiracy theories’, or tried to talk about the possibility that anybody but a terrible shot with a notoriously hard to use rifle had assassinated the ‘Leader of the Free World’.

Gradually, patient people explained to me, even showed me, that Lee Harvey Oswald could not possibly have shot John F Kennedy from the 6th floor of a building while he was in the lunch room on the 2nd floor. I remember distinctly the cameras catching him call out “I’m a patsy!” before he was murdered  by someone who turned out to be involved up to his ears in dirty business, and probably ‘black-ops’ spy nonsense, connected both to the C.I.A. and “the mob”.


This is my ‘Gravatar’ —My friend, Jim, ‘created’ this guy for a role playing game he’s trying to recruit me for (as a developer?).

This is my “Gravatar” profile.


(In and out of the ‘Real World’ —)

 I was born with this irritating need to know what life is all about. I’ve tested as having an Indigo Aura / might be an Indigo  Child.

 (Trouble Maker?) (Why bother? Trouble knows where to find me… He stops by for coffee regularly-)

My First Nation / Native American friends say I have an Owl teaching me to see through lies. They tell me that dishonest people are afraid of me, because they know I can see through their b.s.

(The Gravatar belongs to an in game race which supposedly evolved from Otters- They are intelligent, not overly wise, curious, family oriented, nurturing, and like to foster the illusion that they can actually drop dead from working too hard.)


Now Me: Douglas Jay Otterson, from the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. :

I’m bad at constant blogging. I’m good at seeing through ‘shuck’. I grumble a lot.

Not everybody loves the fact that I speak what’s on my mind and think about putting out the fires that causes later.

A couple friends ‘turned me on’ to Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell quite a while ago (and subsequently wrecked any sleeping pattern I thought I could manage).

More and more people are beginning to believe we’ve been systematically lied to by people calling themselves our ‘leaders’.

—Don’t follow anybody. Think for yourself. Establish as solid a network of trustworthy friends as you can and believe me— The way things are going, your life just might depend on that.

—Have I scared you enough for one day?

— Take Care…



(If I can talk some friends into joining me here, Their Introductions / Profiles will be included here.)


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