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Ireland Jailed 3 Banksters. Why Haven't We.
Ireland Jailed 3 Banksters. Why haven’t we?

— If I took the time to get large screen shots of everything I thought was important in news feeds and twitter feeds today I’d never get to sleep.

US Intelligents reports that WikiLeaks is not an arm of Russian Intelligence.
U.S. Intelligence says WikiLeaks is not a political arm of Russian Intelligence.

— Those who believe – “It’s not illegal if you don’t get caught” want to vilify all good reporters. WikiLeaks is not your enemy. Dishonest, megalamaniacal, micro-managing – manipulative, power-crazy politicians ARE.

Krishnamurti quote. Labels are violence.
– Wish I’d said that – [ Wow ]
— Defining yourself is an act of violence? Holy Cow! Why didn’t I think of that? Calling yourself a Republican is vilifying all Democrats? Calling yourself a Democrat is demonizing all Republicans? “Ego is the human soul desperately trying to believe that it is limited to a human body and one short lifetime” < Jim Wellington > – That’s how I got mixed up with all this blogging and stuff – I’d always been a writer, I thought it was an obsession – This guy muttered one phrase at a writers’ workshop and blew a thousand of my most worrisome misconceptions all to hell. – No, I’m a truth seeker, embracing any truth I can verify and wanting to share that with all the rest of us lost and exhausted pilgrims desperately hungry and thirsting for Truth, Mercy, Spirituality, Personal Evolution – This is not an obsession, it’s a calling. I want to share everything that makes me feel good about being alive with everybody else who’s starving for peace of mind.

"Republican Refugees seek asylum in Democratic Party.
– This might be politically motivated nonsense, but it’s too funny to pass up.

— If reformed Republicans really want believe in themselves again and sleep nights (or days if their biological clocks are half as mixed up as mine is) – They’d be better off seeking asylum in the Green Party. Remember a Y2K bumper sticker with an animal that was half Donkey and half Elephant – a two headed ‘push me pull you’? Calling them “Republicrats”? Why keep voting for the same old [stinky stuff]? Haven’t we had enough of this nonsense? My wonderful, adorable daughter says, “Jeeze – it looks like everybody’s trying to drive back all human progress to the madness that started the first world war-” And she’s too young to remember the first Desert Storm idiocy.

Caterpillars can't understand butterflies.
“When she became a butterfly all the caterpillars shunned her-” ?

— Caterpillars can’t understand butterflies. Morons with their heads stuck up their Ice-Holes can’t understand anyone who isn’t as stupid and destructive and greedy as they are. Donald J Trump does not have a prayer of being able to understand anybody who believes in Bernie Sanders [ at least, not in this life ]. People who believe they have a right to destroy everybody else’s quality of living in pursuit of a little profit will never understand conservationists. Frackers will never understand anyone who wants to be able to drink pure, unpoisoned water. Oil Company executives will never want to understand why anybody would ever want to share renewable energy that costs almost nothing and provides better energy, more and better jobs, healthier people and a lot less stress than gasoline, gas and oil – { at least, not until it’s too late and they realize they’ve shot themselves in their own crotches }.

Lake Tahoe
On a less serious note –

— I thought it might be a good time to post a photo of a beautiful world that is not yet spoiled and poisoned by the [ snar ] coming to California from the Fukushima disaster. People who are not muzzled by lying unethical political motivation are warning that Fukushima’s radiation has already poisoned too much of the Pacific Ocean, we might already be beyond any hope of undoing the effects of some of the deadliest poison known to humans – { unless those rumoured aliens/angels come to our aid with their radiation eating technologies. Pray for help, guys – }

Leopards in Botswana.
This is a tribute to Jim and Cathi’s cat, Domino.

— Rest In Peace, Domino – you taught me that cats can be fun to play with.

Huge Hungarian Guard Dog
Now that’s one serious looking guard dog. { he said, flawlessly elucidating the painfully obvious – }

— Like I said, there’s much too much important looking information flying around the Tweet-Us-Sphere to ignore today. Most of it is probably based in truth. But, like always, don’t take my word for it. Get out there and investigate! Use your brain before it doesn’t even help your cranium in its function as hat rack.

— Please, God, Can I get some rest now?

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Wednesday, 29 July, 2015 -( 62˚F / 17˚C & clear at the moment @ 6:05 am here in Ithaca, New York & I don’t have time to check on New Brunswick and Alaska right now. )-

Cat Person
“DreamCat” – The Character that started us into developing out Multi User Role Playing Game- When we saw how easily we could finally get into world building and character building- but then life hit us with its little surprises and decided we had to work our tails off in the real world and left us nowhere near enough time and energy to finish that world and start letting civilians play around in it. (NOT YET—) Rolled in the demo section of our world building stuff.

I thought a new theme for this blog would be a good idea. But WordPress and its affiliates want to bleed as much money from anybody as they can and make their free blogs less and less ‘Elegant’ and harder to surf through. I might end up changing this theme again vey soon (like maybe after I get some sleep?) because I freekin hate non serif fonts.

I could almost believe they force developers to make their free themes as featureless and hard to use as possible.

There were a couple themes that came close to being ‘acceptable’ But there was something not quite right about each of them. 

So I’m ‘composing’ this article in the ‘2014’ theme and the only thing I like about it is the captions under the ‘media’ – it’s all left justified instead of centered. But the font is going to drive me to distraction.

— Runs away screaming—

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Wednesday, 20 August, 2014 – CBC News Headlines –

Wednesday, 20 August, 2014  -(68˚F / 20˚C & Hazy/overcast in Ithaca @ 8:30 am ET )-

-( Happy Birthday to Jim W’s nephew Sam in Alaska -I get updates from an old yahoogroups list-  )-

{ & again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories, listen to sound clips, or see any video -if there is any video- go to CBC dot CA/news. —Thanks. ———djo——— }


Silhouettes of Riot Police
“Michael Brown Riot Police Aug 17”


“Lead Stories”

-Analysis- Is Michael Brown’s shooting really about race?: Keith Boag   { Well, judging from the evening news and everything in the “Main Stream Media”- If it wasn’t about race, it is now. }

47 arrested in Ferguson, Mo.,  but protests more subdued   { Another link to this story said, ‘no tear gas employed protests more subdued’. }

Obama to speak about alleged beheading of a U.S. journalist   { There are too many links to the video of this alleged beheading. I can’t watch it. My PTSD will flare up, probably off the charts. }

PM Harper leaves today for his 9th annual northern tour   { Trying to look like a viable choice to continue as Prime Minister?  He wants to show everybody that he’s big on Agriculture and Arctic sovereignty. I bet that doesn’t mean he believes the First Nations people up there are sovereign citizens of that region. He’s probably trying to say the ‘Crown’ owns the north pole. }

26 children died under care of N.L. government since 2009   { ‘N.L.’ = Newfoundland and Labrador, not ‘National League’. }

Over 1,000 gather in Winnipeg to honour 2 dead in river   { 😦 }

-Analysis- Never mind the West, can Justin Trudeau crack Fortress Quebec?   { Does this sound to anybody, besides myself, like the headline writer is trying to cast doubts about Justin Trudeau’s ability to win the Prime Minister’s job in the Canadian Federal Elections next year? }




Tiny House On Wheels
“Tiny house on wheels”

Couple builds tiny house on wheels   { A couple is building their tiny dream house on wheels on the back of a flatbed truck in Guelph, Ontario. – See photo that should be above this- They spent eight months traveling around Canada and the U.S.A. with an even smaller trailer hitched to the back of fairly small car.  }

{ The above story is the only new one under “offbeat” on the CBC news web page. I imagine that anyone reading this from the Point of View of having lived in a much ‘saner’ society in a much less violent and anxiety riddled time would thing that all the stuff on this page is ‘offbeat’. }



“Most Viewed”

Brad Parker, avid climber, dies shortly after Yosemite marriage proposal   { 😦 }

Pam Owen, beaten mental health worker, doesn’t blame attacker   {  }

MaraNatha, Trader Joe’s nut butters recalled over Salmonella risk   { Funny, this is the first time I had to type Salmonella anywhere- Maybe I led a sheltered life? Or just never typed as much news as I have in the last couple months- }

Iceland volcano: area north of Bardarbunga evacuated   { I hope Iceland doesn’t lose all their ice before Game Of Thrones finishes production- guess my priorities have been severely warped – sigh- }

Tom Hanks creates ‘Hanx Writer’ typewriter simulator for iPad   { But I guess I’m not the most severely warped creative individual on the planet. And, neither is Tom Hanks. }

Toronto Zoo investigates after visitors get too close to pandas   {  }




-Updated- Gaza conflict resumes with Palestinian rocket fire, Israeli airstrikes   {  }

Officials urge world to back Iraqi fight against ‘savage’ ISIS   { Those ‘officials’ are Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari. I say, “Why can’t we knock these guys out with laughing gas, strip them naked and drop them in the middle of a tropical island somewhere where they’d have to spend all their time trying to survive against monster mosquitos and monkeys throwing coconuts at them? OH- and no cell phones or cell phone service, no internet- surrounded by starving Great White sharks- I mean, why do we put up with this doo-doo when we know it’s nonsense that could very easily have been dealt with long ago? If human beings were just a little bit nicer to each other we wouldn’t have these problems. What would we do with crazies who want to hurt people anyway? -or steal everything anybody else cares about? Feed them GMO lethargy-inducing crap and strap them into oversized recliners and force them to watch endless re-runs of Green Acres, The Brady Bunchh Leave it to Beaver and Gilligan’s Island etc, until their brains explode? Isn’t that what they’re doing to us? }

Why elephant poaching is still rampant   { Um, because greedy people don’t share their God-given abundance with impoverished ‘minorities’, which they believe are below them? It’s not just the poachers who are guilty here, it’s anybody who could have helped everybody on the planet learn how to achieve a life they could believe in. It takes more than a village- It takes every one alive to recognize the sovereignty of every other person here and make sure they have the basic human needs of food and shelter, and a pat on the back to raise their self esteem wouldn’t hurt either. }

Justin Trudeau gets RCMP security at rally following break-in   { I overheard someone say that, “Party thugs do this sort of thing all the time [try to terrorize their opponents and their opponents’ families]  -Especially when there’s an election on the horizon.” }

Toronto carjacking victim needs 14 staples to close gash after pistol-whipping   { }

Shark finning banned in New Zealand   { It was already illegal there to remove the fins from live sharks, New Zealand passed a law to make it illegal to cut the fins off dead sharks and dump the carcasses at sea. }

Which 3 Canadian cities are on The Economist’s top 10 world ‘livability’ list?   {  Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary are on The Economist’s top 10 livability list. It isn’t perfectly clear, but one of those cities is tied with Adelaide, Australia. I’m not sure what the criteria are here. We listen to Coast to Coast am and hear that “Police had nothing to do after an earthquake knocked out a lot of utilities and phone service- but sit back and wait-” in New Zealand, where the people were so civilized, and cared so much about each other- that looting and other criminal activities in a time of ‘chaos’ were not a problem. }

St. Louis police kill knife-wielding suspect near Ferguson   {  }

-Video- Trivago guy to get makeover   { Trivago – is the travel metasearch engine that focuses on hotels. It launched in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2005- spread to Spain, France and the U.K. in 2007- and spread to the U.S., China, Japan, Brazil, and Mexico in 2009. In 2012 Expedia bought a majority stake in trivago for about $630 million U.S. bucks. Too many television ad watchers complained that current commercials feature a guy who hasn’t shaved in a week and looks ‘unhealthy’. I think the video I saw showed the same commercial with the guy digitally altered to look clean shaven. }



“Local” / “New Brunswick”

Liberals pledge to cut $250M in government spending   { If they want my approval, they’d have to pledge to end the governmental shell game and allow Walter Burien of CAFR1.com to audit their books and reveal his results in every media outlet in the world. }

Lac-Mégantic report lacking: Saint John region officials   { Saint John is in New Brunswick. Saint John’s is in Newfoundland. The official  report by the Transport Safety Board was big news and had its video sound bites played on most networks’ news last night. They blamed both the Railroad (MM&A) and Transport Canada (Sort of theCanadian version of the ICC which used to also include the Canadian version of the FAA) for its lack of oversight. My take is that Conservative Governments have been trying to ‘de-fang’ Transport Canada since the days when Mulrouney was their Prime Minister. Their ‘strategy’ is to make it impossible for regulatory bureaus to enforce their regulations so they can crucify them in public and claim they never worked anyway. The philosophy behind this ‘strategy’ is to allow industry to police itself, which, clearly, doesn’t work- never did work and never will work. The definition of ‘Fascism’ is ‘Government in bed with big business’ / Governments taking orders from big business / governments letting big business convince them not to tax them, but to raise taxes on the ‘common citizens’.

Conservationists slam province over watershed inaction   { Conservatives, not conservationists, are in power in New Brunswick. Their Minister of the Environment has not allowed any of the studies done by 19 groups, which were submitted for classification to go through and be accepted as ‘Baseline’ studies. Without the baseline studies, any amount of pollution from toxic fracking water or toxic sludge from mining operations could not be verified and companies doing the polluting/poisoning could be traced back to the polluters. Yesterday, the Provincial ombudsman called the current regulations  a sham and compared those regulations as something demanding that all homes have a type of smoke detector for which no one makes the proper batteries. <— I reworded that. If it’s confusing, blame me. }



{ 10:53 am Ithaca time. Typing finished, ready to check for typos and add the colours. Ready to rock and roll @ 11:24 am Ithaca, Finger Lakes, New York State, U.S.A. time   ———djo———}

Saturday, August 16, 2014 – CBC News Headlines –

Saturday, 16 August, 2014.  -( 49°F / 9°C & clear @ 7:30 am near Ithaca, NY, USA )-

{ & again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories, listen to sound clips, or see any video -if there is any video- go to CBC dot CA/news. —Thanks. ———djo——— }



“Lead Stories”

Smoke and fireworks, strange figure
-Not a Video link- This was with the Obama lead story below. “Ferguson riots and police response RAW” The figure in the smoke, while it might be a normal human distorted by the exposure- looks ‘other than human’ here.

Obama’s ‘cautious’ response to Michael Brown death, Ferguson under scrutiny   {  }

Texas Governor Rick Perry indicted for abuse of power   { The governor tried to bully a prosecutor into quitting. }

Protestors storm store police say Michael Brown robbed   { I heard one person in a news clip say that a person in a video of someone stealing cigars and intimidating the store clerk before walking out with a handful of stolen cigars never was proven to be Michael Brown. }

Alberta man charged in deaths of parents, sister   {  }

‘Exclusive’- CBSA immigration arrests during spot checks stir controversy   { CBSA = Canada Border Services Agency. One person who wasn’t happy about police doing a ‘spot check’ demanding identity papers from ‘suspicious looking’ -minority- people and arresting suspected illegally working ‘foreigners’ worried that if the police get away with this they might escalate and demand ever more intrusive documentation from random people in random spots, ‘just because they can’. A First Nations young woman claims she’s been stopped and interrogated under suspicion that she might be a prostitute because she was walking alone while looking like a First Nations woman. “What are they going to do? Arrest unemployed women or demand proof of employment before they’ll allow anyone to walk anywhere because they think she just might be a prostitute and didn’t offer them freebies?” }

-New- Couple charged with kidnapping Amish sisters intended harm: police  { A couple in northern New York were arrested and charged with intending to physically harm or sexually abuse two Amish sisters after abducting them from a roadside farm stand (7:11 am EDT) }

‘Updated – Airstrikes on militants at Iraq dam after ISIS ‘massacre’ kills 80   { I heard that Yazidis said that ISIS killed more like 100 and kidnapped women and children, haven’t confirmed that yet. }




Steve McQueen Ferrari auctioned off by Ontario’s RM Auctions   {  }

Sea otter caught on camera in rare sighting in B.C.’s Georgia Strait   {  }

Son surprises mom with dream car, the internet approves   {  }

Downtown Abbey’s anachronistic water bottle becomes internet sensation   {  }



“Most Viewed”

Internet outages, slowness spike expected with ‘512K’   {   ‘512,000 internet destinations’ = a milestone- Here- in their words, “When the number of destinations on the internet surpasses 512,000, users will experience overall internet slowness if they rely on an internet service provider that uses older, affected routers.”  An alternate headline points to the same story:  “Internet outages spike as network gets too big for some routers” *Sounds like somebody’s trying to open the argument that internet providers should be allowed to fleece their customers or throttle their services down to a crawl on anyone who can’t afford top dollar for services that are not driving any providers to the poor house  }

Newfoundland’s Stephanie Branton is Playboy’s Miss September   { -Um- When a well respected news service publishes a story like this I wonder if they’re either remarkably open minded and believe that we should all celebrate a good looking young woman posing naked for Playboy Magazine, or was this a really slow news day in Newfoundland? }

New- Lac-Mégantic report to be retiring TSB chair’s final act   { Lac-Mégantic was the site of the horrendous explosion and fire when a rail road train, left unattended -due to laws regarding the length of time engineers could work without rest (and the railroad not willing to pay a second shift to ride along, rested, and take over when the first shift needed a break-) had its brakes fail and rolled down hill into a small town where it exploded and burned and killed 47 people last year. }

Girl Power: Vancouver, U.S. girls representing at Little League World Series   {  }

Alien probe: Report details 25 years of UFO sightings in Canada   { Quick, somebody call the crew at Coast to Coast am, does this look like a major media outlet is admitting that there might be ET’s flying around, waiting for an invitation to land and say hello? }

CP Rail ‘Bullying’ Vancouver by ripping up community gardens, mayor says   { *Yup, I think I called it bullying, yesterday.* }

photo of cluster boxes
Canada Post wants to force everybody to get their mail from cluster boxes like these.

‘Totally irresponsible’ of Canada Post to request doctor’s note for home delivery: CMA   {  CMA = Canadian Medical Association. They’re claiming that sending old and infirm citizens to doctors’ offices for notes to excuse them from walking past the mail boxes they’ve been getting their mail at all their lives in favor of cluster boxes like the ones in the photo – that may be at the end of a long road -or who knows how far away- will expose those aged and infirm, medically compromised people, to needless expense and probably expose them to  contagious germs from sick people in those doctors’ waiting rooms.    *My opinion coming up*: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to be everything that G.W. Bush tried to be. Harper’s a Conservative who wants to un-fund everything and funnel all government money into his and other corrupt/greedy pockets. I’ve said way too often here that federal, state, (provincial) & local governments have been lying since the 1940’s about where their money comes from, how much of it they have and where it goes. More than two thirds of local, state/provincial, and federal governments’ money comes in through ‘other than tax monies’- But they keep on claiming that the only money they get is through taxes. Go read through CAFR1.com  <— Link. “Government’s True Wealth Exposed”   They could stop collecting taxes now and provide more and better services than they do. “Austerity Programs” are pure and utter B.S. I can’t wait to see what happens when we hit that magic level when enough people cry out to force the puppets we’ve ‘elected’ to office to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  }




Goldfish dumped by B.C. pet owners become invasive species   { Oh no- I can see it now, “Invasion of the Gold Fish From Hell” rated PG, soon to be at a theatre near you. }

Ebola and the economics of fear: Don Pittis   { *So, whattaya think? Do you suppose there are vapid stories about Ebola every night on t.v. ,and everywhere else, because big Pharma is making money on something here? Or maybe planning on making big money on some magic new cure that people don’t need, but might be able to be frightened into believing they just might need?}

TFSA penalties, StatsCan’s big mstake, and Jibo’s debut: BUSINESS WEEK WRAP   { TFSA = Tax Free Savings Account. People get penalized when they withdraw money from one of those before retiring. Statistics Canada reported that only 200 new jobs were added to the economy last July, then withdrew that number and came back saying there were actually 42,000 new jobs – most of them part time- And I don’t think we should trust these numbers anyway, Nobody’s given out real unemployment numbers in as long as I can remember- it’s b.s. again. If they say 7% unemployment- the real numbers are probably more like 24% because they don’t count people who have given up or can’t collect unemployment comp because they’ve been unemployed too long. }

Toronto-based Figure-1 wants ‘Instagram for doctors’ to go global   { Figure -1 is a Social photo sharing app that doctors, medical students, and other medical professionals use to share photos and x-rays etc. whether to get second opinions or help with diagnoses-  }

Oilsands investments at risk from low crude prices, report finds   { Oilsands investments are at risk because Oil companies are dishonest manipulative ice-holes who have squashed and buried any competing technological advances that could show people that we don’t need their stinkin fuel. And they are totally devastating the ‘oilsands’ region and killing the whole eco-system out there. }

Watch a swarm of 1,024 robots move together to form shapes    { They’ve taught nanobots to swarm, betcha this comes back to bite them. }

Warcraft to memorialize Robin Williams in game   {  }

HBO’s Game of Thrones comes to Vancouver   { This is the last stop on the Exhibits’ World Tour- it ends on or before September 1st. You too can sit on the iron throne- or gawk at dresses worn by characters in what is becoming my favorite television experience in the last couple years-  Can’t wait for the return of “Heroes” with a reportedly whole new cast of characters- Next year? If we survive this one? }

Dartmouth art gallery celebrates The Simpsons   { This Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  }

Amazon ‘stomping on its own feet’ in Disney, Hachette e-commerce spats   { More like shooting themselves in the foot? Yes, Stephen King and 900 other authors are angry with Amazon’s heavy handed dealings with publishers to force prices down so they can undersell other ‘outlets’. Should I put up a “Boycott Amazon” button? }

The Beatles’ landmark White Album turned into art installation    {  }

Bird flu virus scientist stayed mum for a month on accident, CDC probe finds   {  }



“Local” / “New Brunswick”

More Power outages on the way, says NB Power   { Jesse Ventura lives ‘off the grid’ in Mexico. He told us in an interview last week or the week before that he had no outages at all, no down time with his off the grid system, then had to come to Minnesota for some legal issues and suffered several outages in his ‘high end’ neighborhood while there. This smells like a conspiracy, doesn’t it?  }

First Nation chiefs ask court to block forestry agreements   { The Conservative Premier of New Brunswick is spouting ‘we need the jobs’ and that line of b.s. and signing over rights to big corporations to cut down previously protected areas of ‘Crown’ forests. Lackeys say they replant, opponents say they have killed off the diversity and important wild life species never come back. }

NB Liquor reverses new microbrewery rules   {  }

Windsor Energy lawsuit against N.B. government linked to election   { The president of Calgary based Windsor Energy said that the timing of this $105 Million lawsuit was absolutely political to get even with a Member of the Legislature’s claim that Windsor Energy violated the law when it did seismic testing in 2011 in New Brunswick. Windsor Energy wants to point the finger at politicians and scream “They’re incompetent!” * I saw no mention of Frakking in this story, but the more I hear about frakking the more dangerous I believe that practice is, and if CEOs of Energy companies are going to use heavy handed tactics to try to blackmail governments into allowing them to FRAK at will, I think we need to take these energy companies down, with extreme prejudice. (my opinion)  }

“Latest Newfoundland & Labrador News Headlines”

My Guitar: Chris Kirby’s connection to the blues   {  }

Gone Again looks at women and the culture of working away   {  }

Lewis Kearney overwhelmed by food donations from ‘angels on earth’   {  }

Labrador family struggles, as brother awaits permanent housing   {  }



{  Ack! it’s 10:42 am- I was distracted several times, but this is taking a lot more time than it used to- Is the news that much more interesting? Am I becoming more diligent? Is my mind turning to mush and my brain evaporating out through me ears? Tune in tomorrow, folks, and see if there’s a notice here that men in white coats came and carried me away in a straight jacket- or something equally boring- }

———-I’m Ba-aaack! ———

Friday Early a.m August 15th, 2014  -( 63˚F / 71˚C @ 1:15 am & “Mostly Dark” in Ithaca )-

{ My wonderful daughter, Rachel, let me use her ‘older’ laptop until my iMac is back on line- it got all nice and clogged with dust that is only costing me about $150.00 U$ to have a ‘professional’ clean out for me. Sigh, and I remember when Macs seemed to be the machines that were NOT designed to fall apart on schedule so we all have to go out and buy a new one every year or two. And now EVERYTHING about them is changed as often as possible. The adaptor that allows Rachel’s 2006-ish MacBook connect to a second monitor will not work with her new 2009-ish MacBookPro. But then again, she reassured me, she’s on her own and not depending on me to buy her computers or even adaptors any more. Sigh- On one hand I’m all teary over her saying that I brought her up right and on the other I’m remembering somebody telling me not to tell anybody my age, because their prejudices might subconsciously make me feel like I’m ready for the old rocking chair on the porch- accusing everybody of mumbling, and needing coke bottle glasses and a lot of time to read anything- }

So what’s been going in the last couple days?

Singleblack man with hands up facing several camouflage uniformed guys with machine guns.
Somebody on Coast to Coast am last night -might have been George N.- commented that nobody knew whether they were looking at police officers or Army Rangers. Looks like a photo we might have expected to see credited as coming from a third world country on another continent.

[ -Snitched this photo from a twitter feed and I think the guy that posted this on twitter got it from a famous / infamous New York City High-Brow type newspaper-]

The scariest thing about the photo is the guy with his hands up looks like somebody I went to school with that everybody wanted on their baseball teams when we chose sides because, if he didn’t hit a home run he could steal any base on the diamond because the defending players were afraid he’d knock them over so hard they might need a quick trip to the emergency room.

Oh dang- the signal for Coast to Coast am is fading in and out- are we being attacked by somebody who is trying to tell us they can f- mess with our electronics/radio signals?



Friday Morning, August 1st, 2014. CBC Headlines:

Friday, August 1st, 2014. -( 65°F / 18°C & Clear @ 9:15 am in Ithaca, New York )-
(( I’m a ‘USAtian’ [US citizen and resident] who likes reading and listening to Canadian (((and British, BBC, and Radio Netherlands— and–))) news to see what the ‘free world’ press is reporting these days and how they’re reporting it. ))
((& I guess I’m pretty much committed to trying to pop these headlines from the CBC up here every morning, or pretty much every morning, until further notice.))
Plastic surgeon’s ‘fat-shaming’ muffin top billboard vandalized  { Somebody crossed over “Friends don’t let friends Muffin Top” and scrawled/painted “You’re Beautiful!” in purple paint and drew squiggles over what might be the name of the Plastic Surgeons firm. }
Should Costco be selling Christmas goods in July?   { “Marketing professor links early Christmas shopping to American ownership of big box stores”  In Canada, if you opened two coffee shops fairly close to each other, served identical products with the same ingredients in both and called one “Great American Donut Shop” and the other “Canada’s Best Donuts & Coffee”, my bet is the ‘Great American-‘ branded place would go bankrupt in no time flat. }
5 vintage fire trucks up for sale in Calgary
Oyster shucking world record attempted at festival
Ottawa man faces nearly 200 international cyberbullying charges { A 42 year old man faces charges including identity fraud, defamation and criminal harassment which he allegedly aimed at 38 people in Canada, the U.S. and U.K }
“Most Viewed”
Burlington Skyway crash: What you need to know   { The Skyway is an elevated stretch of a limited access highway above Burlington, Ontario. It’s a lot like the turnpike in New Jersey. A “Large Truck” crashed into and damaged the skyway. If you go to the web site you might find out whether the truck was on the Skyway or hit one of the supports. }
Burlington Skyway crash: Driver charged with impaired driving
Mountie who played ‘Mr Big’  upset with Nelson Hart decision   { The Canadian Supreme Court put limits on a practice that would be seen as entrapment down here in the U.S. The case they heard involved a man who allegedly murdered his two daughters and the photos of the two cute little girls were all over media articles. Apparently, the mounty (“RCMP Officer”)  who acted the part of the crime boss (and got the alleged perpetrator to brag about his alleged crime in order for the perpetrator to secure a lucrative position inside the fictitious crime family) believed he had done what needed to be done to protect law abiding citizens from criminals and other monsters. }
Why Republicans suing Obama is a good thing for Democrats   { “Democrats believe their base is energized by lawsuit and impeachment threat” —It’s fun to see what Canadians really think about U.S. politics. I’m surprised they let the media get away with calling citizens of the U.S. “Americans”, Canada is part of America, ya know- Canadian weather maps acknowledge the fact that there might be something besides a plain grey nothingness south of their borders. Are we really too smug to realize we’re making ‘arses’ of ourselves? }
B.C. chief Ron Giesbrecht’s $1M pay ‘very troubling’, minister’s office says   { The Chief of the Kwikwetiem First Nation (we call them ‘Native Americans’ does anybody ask them what they call themselves?) was paid “$914,219.” last year. The ‘very troubling’ statement came from the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development’s office. This is a cabinet level appointment (We call them Secretaries of whatever, Canadians call them Ministers of whatever.) The current Prime Minister and just about all of his appointees have the same party line and philosophy that believes it is perfectly correct to seize the property of a laid off worker who can’t pay his taxes (& whose 25 years with a company ((that closed down their Canadian operation and moved to some country where unions don’t stand a chance and virtual slavery in ’employment’ is encouraged))– left him without a job and without a prayer for any kind of compensation, sometimes even without a pension ((although Canadians can get an ‘Old Age Pension’, supplemented income— for now anyway— unless the Conservatives get their way))- ), but they won’t touch corporations who thumb their noses at regulations and owe thousands of times more money in unpaid taxes and fees. }
Gaza conflict: Israeli soldier reportedly captured as ceasefire unravels
Crystal Palace closure leaves some tourists ‘pretty mad’   { The Crystal Palace Amusement Park is in Dieppe, New Brunswick. The “Cadillac Fairview Corporation” wants to open one of its “Bass Pro Shops” either on the site of the Amusement Park or beside it. The Amusement Park is scheduled to close down on September 1st. The Ramada Inn Crystal Palace Hotel and Convention Centre and the McGinnis Landing Restaurant are scheduled to close down on October 31st. The rides from the Amusement Park “have been aquired by the Maritime Fun group of companies, which includes Magic Mountain Waterpark and will soon have a new Moncton (NB) home.” (((—Sounds like it’s greedy bad guys vs innocent kids who want to go on having fun and guess who wins? But in all honesty, I do not know the whole story behind this. ))) }
Perseid meteor shower: Watch now to beat supermoon’s brightness  { Radio Station WPKN FM in Bridgeport, Connecticut (<— Link ) has had a volunteer programmer (the uninformed would probably call him a ‘deejay’) who has for years has dedicated part of his Friday evening program to a a segment he calls “The Skies Of Bridgeport” – When a friend who was originally from the Bridgeport area ‘turned me on’ to this program I learned how to pronouce “Perseid” properly (( persie-id )) & it’s nice to know a ‘supermoon’ event is coming. 🙂 }
Why Argentina’s default feels like American bullying: Don Pittis    { This article has the subtitle: “Why did courts side with hedge funds that bought up bonds supposedly restructured in 2001?” —I believe I heard something on Coast to Coast am last night that sounded like one extraordinary ‘Psychic’ believes that the ‘banksters’ are about to be blindsided out of their perceived victorious grip on the world’s resources. }
“Other” / “More Headlines”
Canada Post thefts halt Lens Rentals Canada service   { The ‘current government’ ((regime?)) in Canada wants to dismantle Canada Post (their postal service) the same way the conservative Republicans in the US would like to dismantle the US Postal Service and sell off the rights to deliver mail and parcels to ‘Private Business Interests’. [ Remember that the definition of a Fascist Government is one that is in bed with Corporate Powers ((a.k.a. : “Banksters”)) ]  So I’m a bit suspicious here…. Lens Rentals Canada is a company that rents high-end camera lenses and other equipment to photographers across the country. Several of its packages that had been mailed through the Canada Post were apparently stolen out of a Canada Post facility in Mississauga, Ontario, ((In the western reaches of the ‘Greater Toronto Area’)). Lens Rental Canada has stopped taking orders and is shipping stuff that has already been ordered through Purolator, which is ‘majority owned by Canada Post’ but does not share any aspects of the Canada Post delivery network. }
HitchBOT takes a ‘botnap’ in Toronto during cross-Canada trek   { “HitchBot” is a cutesy creation that looks like a cross between the robot on “Lost in Space” and a muppet. A subtitle in the article says, “Experiment looks at the interaction between people and technology”  Farther down inside the article we read: “A talking robot hithiking its way across Canada is taking a rest in Toronto.” You can follow this experiment through twitter (( @hitchBOT )) }
Sanctions against Russia in phase 3, but is Vladimir Putin listening?  
Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine discovering pros and cons of social media in war
Uganda anti-gay law invalidated by constitutional court
“Exclusive” \ Canada to clinch trade deal with EU in September
‘A keen patriotic desire’: Why Canadian media embraced censorship during WWI  {  “Ideas”, a long running conversational and interview program on CBC radio one, which airs at 9 pm Eastern Time weekdays recently aired a series about the rise of propaganda and censorship and traced both back to World War One efforts to control the news that was reaching the public at large by using the media as a propaganda agency/arm of the government.
American aid worker with Ebola to be brought to U.S. for treatment  
(( & There is a slide show: )) = “Taiwan city rocked by gas explosions
“Must Watch”  ((Videos waiting for web site visitor activation))
Dog stuck in wall   { “Firefighters, police and the Arizona Human Society work to free ‘Chip’ the dog” — Looks like a two tone brown, six month old puppy (my guess) got his head stuck through a ventilation type decorative cement block in an outside wall of mostly solid cement blocks. It has a happy looking ending. }
Double wingsuit jump  
Bavarian crop circle   { An aerial shot of a 75 meter geometric pattern that appeared in a farmer’s field next to the largest interplanetary monitoring station in Germany. }
Moncton puts final touches on FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup
Soldiers with PTSD waiting up to 6 months for help  { I do believe I know Viet Nam veterans down here who would have loved to wait only 6 months for help with issues they came home with. But- maybe it’s hopeful that somebody somewhere is taking PTSD and the nightmares of returning Armed Forces people seriously. There has been an epidemic of suicides among returning soldiers in Canada as well as the USA. In Canada, many veterans have allegedly been separated from service just before they would become eligible for extended years of benefits. }
2 in hospital after domestic trailer park dispute  
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