Governments Vs Their Citizens? (from “Independent Canadian News” archives)

Our Own Governments Just Might Be Our Worst Enemy

Wednesday, October 10, 2012.

Katherine Albrecht { Web sites include } said last night on Coast to Coast AM (radio) that in the last century [ including World Wars I & II, Korea and Viet Nam ], governments killed 8 times as many of their own citizens as all wars combined.

Katherine is a privacy advocate with a religious point of view who believes that RFID chips (Radio Frequency ID) are either “the number of the beast” or are related to that prophecy. She has a doctorate from Harvard University. She also has research that shows that RFID chips cause cancer in animals.

Her latest campaign is to bring attention to the San Antonio, Texas Middle School and High School which have instituted mandatory wearing of RFID chip embedded ID cards that emit radio signals ever 45 seconds- beaming cancer causing radiation directly into the chests of children in grades 6 through 12, when they are extremely vulnerable. If the prospect of exposing growing children to these radiations isn’t bad enough, these children have been ordered to take their ids home with them, and the ids continue to broadcast information which can be intercepted by hackers and perverts who can read the signals while driving through a neighbourhood, isolate the signal of a prospective victim, stalk and attack their chosen victim (or worse) pretty much any time they feel like it. Store owners have been able to read RFID chips for years, and can easily identify and exploit individuals associated with those chips.

Pleasant Dreams….


The U.S. Presidency is a Bloody Joke

File Under: “Why Vote? Your vote doesn’t count for sh*t.”

File Over:  “What you see is not what you get.”; “Don’t pay any attention to that little man behind the curtain.”

File near: “Don’t vote, it only encourages them.”; “They’ve already predetermined the results anyway.”; “Conspiracy is not a theory, it’s a crime.”; “If the presidency ever did have any real power, it signed all power away and now is just a rubber stamp robot for the real power, which will remain hidden for its own safety… until its underlings get it in the back with a poisoned knife blade.”

Friday, October 5. 2012.

This has been gnawing at me since the ‘debates’ the other night.

Coupled with a clarification of what exactly UN Agenda 21 and its derivatives under more easily ‘sold’ names actually is/are.

U.S. Presidents were shown in Dallas in 1963 that they can’t try to assert themselves or attempt to further any program that isn’t pre-approved by the real powers that be without having their brains blown out by their own body guards in public.

At best, they’re pretty boy figure heads to distract the people who vote, to keep the majority of the people in this world from looking behind the curtain.

You’ve been bought and sold.

Don’t drink their poisoned water.

Don’t eat their poisoned food.

Don’t pay their fraudulent taxes.

Don’t obey their immoral, unjust and probably illegal: laws.