———-I’m Ba-aaack! ———

Friday Early a.m August 15th, 2014  -( 63˚F / 71˚C @ 1:15 am & “Mostly Dark” in Ithaca )-

{ My wonderful daughter, Rachel, let me use her ‘older’ laptop until my iMac is back on line- it got all nice and clogged with dust that is only costing me about $150.00 U$ to have a ‘professional’ clean out for me. Sigh, and I remember when Macs seemed to be the machines that were NOT designed to fall apart on schedule so we all have to go out and buy a new one every year or two. And now EVERYTHING about them is changed as often as possible. The adaptor that allows Rachel’s 2006-ish MacBook connect to a second monitor will not work with her new 2009-ish MacBookPro. But then again, she reassured me, she’s on her own and not depending on me to buy her computers or even adaptors any more. Sigh- On one hand I’m all teary over her saying that I brought her up right and on the other I’m remembering somebody telling me not to tell anybody my age, because their prejudices might subconsciously make me feel like I’m ready for the old rocking chair on the porch- accusing everybody of mumbling, and needing coke bottle glasses and a lot of time to read anything- }

So what’s been going in the last couple days?

Singleblack man with hands up facing several camouflage uniformed guys with machine guns.
Somebody on Coast to Coast am last night -might have been George N.- commented that nobody knew whether they were looking at police officers or Army Rangers. Looks like a photo we might have expected to see credited as coming from a third world country on another continent.

[ -Snitched this photo from a twitter feed and I think the guy that posted this on twitter got it from a famous / infamous New York City High-Brow type newspaper-]

The scariest thing about the photo is the guy with his hands up looks like somebody I went to school with that everybody wanted on their baseball teams when we chose sides because, if he didn’t hit a home run he could steal any base on the diamond because the defending players were afraid he’d knock them over so hard they might need a quick trip to the emergency room.

Oh dang- the signal for Coast to Coast am is fading in and out- are we being attacked by somebody who is trying to tell us they can f- mess with our electronics/radio signals?



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